Bulk SMS Messaging for OTP

One-Time Password (OTP Delivery)

One-time passwords (OTPs) sent via SMS (text message) offer the convenience of using a mobile phone while adding the security of out-of-band delivery. Mobile phones are one of the very few devices most people already carry and actively protect. SMS offers a familiar platform for OTP delivery without the need for companies to own, distribute, or replace standalone delivery devices.

SMS can also play an important role for companies who choose to use another type of OTP device such as a tokan. In these instances, SMS text delivery is a secure way to confirm the token was initially distributed to the correct user, or if the token is lost or broken, SMS acts as the failsafe for OTP delivery until the token is replaced.

Besides being familiar to the end user, OTPs via SMS features true out-of-band delivery. Man-in-the-middle and other malware attacks often hinder password reset attempts by intercepting messages between the user and the entity attempting to deliver the new password. By delivering OTPs over the phone network, a man-in-the-middle attack is unable to intercept delivery of the password.

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