IVR (Interactive Voice Response)

Virtual Number is your personal reception hosted virtually in cloud telephony environment. In this you get a personal telephone number where your customers can call 24x7. Customers calling to your number are greeted with a message customized specially for you and can select Channels (Simultaneous Incoming calls) set by you to speak with concerned person, leave a voicemail or send a fax to you!

Virtual Receptionist is a cloud based EPABX system for small businesses with more intelligent and simpler call routing, tracking, transfer etc. Virtual Receptionist serves as low cost virtual, intelligent, phone operator for businesses which manages all your business phone communication via single number and platform.

IVR 1: 3 Calls be connected at the same point of time and 4th call will go on hold until any of the first 3 disconnects the call.Example: At one point of time there are 2 customers who are speaking with your Sales Department, 1 Customer speaking with Billing and 1 speaking with Support. IVR 1 - is suitable for larger setup 2 - 10 people team expecting higher number of simultaneous call.

IVR 2: Only 1 Call can be connected at a point of time. IVR 2 is usually suited for a company wherein there are only 1-2 people and are expecting lesser calls.

IVR Model
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